Centre Dentaire Ferney Voltaire – FRANCE

Al Bashayer Red Meat Project Thumrait Salalah – OMAN

Dafna Tower Project – QATAR

Haraj Market Project – QATAR

American Hospital Project – GEORGIA

Kontorshotell Project – SWEDEN

Ministry of Education Project – KUWAIT

Trojan 2000 Villa Project – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Hotel De Pits Project – BELGIUM

Baraque Garage Project – MACEDONIA

Knights Bridge Project – AZERBAIJAN

Chelsea Hotel Project – NIGERIA

Hussein Gardens Historical Path Project – JORDAN

Care Tandlyftet Project – SWEDEN

The Guardian Towers Project – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Medical Colleage Project – JORDAN

Madinat Mawater Project – QATAR

Moro 1.2 Dubai Project – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Affordable House Project – QATAR

Princes Basma Hospital Project – JORDAN

Maan University Project – JORDAN

Dar Al Salam Hospital Project – EGYPT

Kuwait International Airport Project – KUWAIT

Ministry of Health Project – QATAR

Amman Bus Rapid Project – JORDAN

Porto Arabia 13A & 13B Project – QATAR

Arbil Courthouse Building Project – IRAQ

Al Kindi Hospital Project – JORDAN

Ergün Öza Kahveleri – CYPRUS

Sheikh Nasser Palace Project – QATAR

Head of State Building Project – PAKISTAN

Berkat Alwawmer Project – QATAR

Alsamra Biosolid Monofill Project – JORDAN

Tanta Hospital Project – EGYPT

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